Government Update 2020-06-15

Hello, everyone! Time for another Government Update! Unmanned license plate cameras being considered for leasing by the Fayetteville PD! And, “Fayette Life Academy”!


Fayette County Board of Education virtual meeting

  • Public comments (have to be registered by noon today in order to comment!)
  • Covid-19 update
  • Personnel report – 93.7% retention
  • Foreign exchange discussion
  • Budget amendments
  • Position descriptions for various jobs
  • Rebranding of Alternative Education Program as “Fayette Life Academy”
  • Student Codes of Conduct
  • One-month spending resolution
  • Athletic trainer contracts, in cooperation with Piedmont Fayette


Tyrone Town Council, special called budget public hearing

  • Renew Reese Services, HVAC contract.
  • Renew TruGreen, lawn fertilization contract.
  • Approve the annual Lights of Cameroon Festival.
  • Lower Founders Day application fees due to economic downturn.
  • Waive rental fees for Recreation class instructors to assist with class economic recovery.
  • Approve Yoga in the Park event on June 20th.


Fayette County Planning Commission

  • Flat Creek Trail corridor
  • Sign Ordinance
  • Special Development District

Fayetteville City Council

  • Amphitheater Upgrades
  • Budget Amendment #2 for FY2020
  • Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return (TNVR) Animal Control Program Ordinance
  • Comcast Franchise Renewal Agreement
  • Approve Contract for 25 Fixed License Plate Readers for City of Fayetteville PD
    • FPD already owns a number of license plate readers that are placed in patrol cars, which are in operation when officers are on duty. This proposal is to *lease* a number of plate readers that would be placed in fixed locations, monitoring and recording 24-7, to be accessed by FPD via web interface.
  • Notice of Appeal – Reve Solutions
    • This developer made a request to the planning commission for sewer capacity and was turned down.

PTC City Council-

  • Budget Adjustment – Code Enforcement Golf Cart
  • Two Variance Requests
  • Budget Adjustment – Prepay Portion of FY 2021 DB Pension Contributions
  • Ordinance Preview – Amend Multi-use Path/Park Enforcement Regulations in Traffic Ordinance