Government Update 2020-07-27

Hello, everyone! Time for another quick Fayette Government Update!


Fayette County Board of Education special meeting ( at 6pm

This is it, the big reopening meeting. There are a few PDF documents up at

One thing I will say, to my fellow parents: Please be kind to yourselves, to each other, and to the teachers. These choices about how best to care for our kids is not easy. If I have chosen one way, and you have chosen another, my choice is not an accusation against your choice. Your circumstances are not mine. Please be understanding to others.

Also Monday: Fayette County Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Allowing one homeowner to build a pergola, allowing another to renovate his existing pool deck, and allowing a third to build a detached garage.
  • Another property owner purchased a lot five years ago, thinking it was “legal”, and has only recently found out that it is “illegal”. She wants to build a home on it, but can’t, because the shape of lots around it limits her street access. She is hoping to have it redesignated as “nonconforming”.

Also Monday: Peachtree City Planning Commission

  • A rezoning, a parking expansion, a new retail construction, and a medical office under construction

And also on Monday: Tyrone Founders Day Committee Meeting


Fayette Board of Elections

Fayetteville Planning and Zoning