Government Update 2020-08-10

Hello, everyone! Time for another quick Fayette Government Update! School opens NEXT WEEK! And there’s a lot on the agenda for this afternoon’s Board of Education Work Session!


FC Board of Education Work Session at 2pm

  • Livestream at
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Amending “Strategic Waivers” in the contract with the state school system
  • Millage Rate discussion (
    • Public Hearings: August 17th @ noon, August 17th @ 6pm, and August 24th @ 6pm
    • County Commission Approval – August 27th @ 6:30pm
    • Net tax digest increased 4.48%
    • Rollback rate calculated at 18.654 mills.
    • Proposed rate is 19.150 mills (Decrease from previous year’s rate, but still means increased $$$ from homeowners)
    • Tax increase for real property: Average $325,000 homestead property – $63.49 increase for the year. Average $275,000 non-homestead property – $54.56 increase for the year
  • Schoology Update
  • Pathways in Advanced Academics, CTE, Fine Arts, and World Languages
  • Proposed calendar revision –
  • Induction program for new teachers
  • Strategic plan, goals, performance
  • Facilities update:
    • LaFayette Educational Center – Plans are being developed to renovate Technology Services this fall.
    • Oak Grove Elementary – Interior renovation work should be completed by the start of school. Teachers have begun setting up their classrooms.
    • JC Booth Middle (New) – Footing installation is 100% complete. Concrete slab work has begun. Parking lot curbs have been poured. Steel erection began last week.
    • JC Booth Middle (Existing) Modernization/Renovation – Interior renovation work in the west wing should be completed by the start of school. Teachers have begun setting up their classrooms.
    • Starr’s Mill High  Aviation Lab – Renovation work has been completed and equipment has been delivered.
  • COVID-19 Update
  • 2021 Final Budget Adoption

Also Monday:

Peachtree City Planning Commission

  • Rezoning of about 77.6 acres on SR 54 near Governors Square and Peachtree Ct


Peachtree City Council Called Meeting – Millage Rate Hearing

  • No details available yet, probably available later this week

Also Thursday:

Fayette County Planning Commission

Tyrone Planning Commission