Government Update 2020-08-24

Hello, everyone! Time for another Fayette Government Update! It’s a full week! The school board is set to appoint the new Superintendent this week! Also, property tax rate hearings! Brooks millage rate is actually going up! Everyone else is either keeping their rate the same, or if they are lowering, it’s not enough to offset inflation and increased property values. 

Also, for my fellow Tyrone residents: Thanks to the county’s presentation, I have been able to see that even though we are paying less to the town than our city neighbors are paying to their cities, because we have to pay the county for fire and EMS, we pay more overall. I think this deserves some attention.

If you want the best breakdown on what taxes will look like for the next year, go to the Board of Commissioners agenda for Thursday and look at pages 6 through 20.


Fayette Board of Education

6pm Tax rate hearing, followed by 7pm meeting

  • Tax rate hearing. Tonight is your last chance to give the school board a piece of your mind over this.
  • At the regular meeting:
  • Facilities update:
    • LaFayette Educational Center – Plans are being developed to renovate technology services this fall.
    • Oak Grove Elementary – The building certificate of occupancy was approved by the fire marshal and classes began on August 17th. The gym should be completed this week.
    • JC Booth Middle School (New) – Footing installation is 100% complete.; the under slab plumbing work has begun. The parking lot curbs have been poured; the steel erection began last week.
    • J.C. Booth Middle School Modernization/Renovation – The building certificate of occupancy was approved by the fire marshal and classes began on August 17th. Work continues on the roof replacement.
    • Starr’s Mill High Aviation Lab – The renovation work has been completed and equipment has been delivered.
  • Enrollment report
  • A “board resolution consideration” (no details on that)
  • Financial reports
  • Appointment of the new Superintendent, along with a transition work agreement

Also Monday:

Fayette County Zoning Board of Appeals

Peachtree City Planning Commission


Fayette County Board of Elections

Fayetteville Planning and Zoning


Fayette County Water Board

Tyrone: Millage Rate hearing at 9am, and vote at 4pm.


Fayette County Board of Commissioners

  • Millage rate Public Hearing
  • Christmas Ornament in celebration of the county’s bicentennial
  • Revising Final Plats of Bay Chappell Farms Subdivision and Autumn Lake Estates Subdivision
  • Amendments to the Future Land Use Plan Map and County Zoning Ordinance for the Flat Creek Trail Corridor Overlay Zone.
  • Declare 19 vehicles, two (2) Hustler mowers and one (1) Trailer as unserviceable and sell the assets online
  • Equitable Sharing Agreement and Annual Certification as required by the US Department of Justice and the US Department of the Treasury
  • Sludge Collector Design and Bid
  • 2019 Annual Report on Fire Services Impact Fees
  • SagesGov Plan Review, Permitting & Inspection Software, in the amount of $449,236.00 for a five-year term with an option to renew for one additional five-year term.
  • Contract to provide and install A/V equipment in the courtrooms and jail, in the not-to-exceed amount of $79,503.51 to facilitate virtual court proceedings.

Also Thursday:

Tyrone Planning Commission