Government Update 2020-10-12

Hello, everyone! Time for another Fayette Government Update! Early voting starts today, and from pictures and video I have seen of Tyrone and PTC locations, voters are turning out! We have three weeks to get our early votes in, and then the proper Election Day will be here!


Board of Education Work Session (2pm)

  • AP Results (Enrollment in AP is down from previous years)
  • Cybersecurity update
  • Covid-19 updates
  • Attendance report (604 students fewer than last year)
  • Facilities update:
    • LaFayette Educational Center – Plans are being developed to renovate the Technology Services department this fall.
    • Oak Grove Elementary School – The contractor is working on the punch list.  A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 29, 2020.
    • JC Booth Middle School (New) – The steel erection continues.  The under-slab plumbing and electrical work is ongoing.  Pouring of the concrete slabs should begin next week. The grading for utility installation along Stagecoach Road has been completed. 
    • J.C. Booth Middle School Modernization / Renovation – The work continues on the roof and HVAC replacement.
    • High School Track Replacement – Sandy Creek, Fayette County, and Starr’s Mill High School track replacements have been completed.
  • Bus Shop Surplus Items

Also Monday:

Peachtree City Planning Commission


Fayette County Recreation Department

Peachtree City Water and Sewer Authority

Peachtree City Council Workshop


Fayetteville City Council

  • Marijuana Ordinance (Public Hearing and 1st Reading)
  • Reclassifying the job of Director of Community Development (Salary Range $77,584-$124,134) to Director of Community and Economic Development (Salary Range $90,494-$156,790)

Peachtree City Council Meeting

  • Annual Capital Improvements Element (CIE) Update
  • Acceptance of CERT Grant
  • North Fairfield Drive Drainage Improvements
  • Support for Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Program Grant Application

Tyrone Town Council

  • Volunteer services for the Police Department website and photos.
  • Surplus of twenty-two (22) Police Department ballistic vests.
  • Approve the Livable Center Initiative, (LCI) bidder selection approval.

Also Thursday:

Fayette County Planning Commission