Government Update 2021-08-23

It’s time for the weekly Fayette Government Update! And, the big picture on 2021 Millage Rates! I have graphs!

Good News, the county’s general fund tax seems to be going down enough to offset property value increases in Fayetteville and Tyrone. Brooks, your rate is going up! Fayetteville will be more taxed than PTC, and Tyrone is still the most taxed of all. If you want to compare to last year’s numbers, my post with those graphs can be found here:

Also, a crowd is expected to show up for tonight’s Board of Education hearing. Lots of talk about the mandatory masking. I personally know of a couple of cases of parents who were threatened with truancy charges as a possible consequence of keeping kids home out of caution. Current policy only allows the school system to put a child in quarantine status. I think that parents should have just as much ability to decide whether their student needs to stay home. That’s just my two cents. If you want to show up, make sure you sign up early for the public comments period, and be aware that seating will be limited.


Fayette Board of Education @ 7pm

Also Monday: Fayette County Zoning Board of Appeals


Fayetteville Planning and Zoning


Fayette County Commission @ 5pm

  • 2021 Millage Rates Public Hearing
    • No change planned in millage rate for Fire Services, EMS, or 911.
    • 5.68% decrease in millage rate for General Fund
    • Brooks is increasing their millage rate from 0.606 to 1.000!
    • Fayetteville and Tyrone are both keeping their millage rates the same as last year (which means a tax increase). BOE, PTC, and Unincorporated Fayette are all getting taxes the same or lower than last year.
  • Request to connect to the City of Fayetteville’s sewer system. 
  • Spending $18,000 of 2017 SPLOST money for a study and cost estimate of a pedestrian bridge over Redwine Road near the Starr’s Mill school complex
  • Payment of $499,500 to GDOT towards the Ebenezer Church Road Bridge Replacement project
  • Purchasing Pumper Fire Apparatus: $508,968. Also, $12,000 safety equipment to supply the pumper. Auctioning old vehicle as surplus instead of accepting the offered trade-in allowance
  • Applying for a state “rescue/recovery” grant to fund Water System Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project
  • Applying for another state “rescue/recovery” grant to replace and upgrade the emergency generator at the Crosstown Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Committee’s recommendation to further explore the possible future purchase of the Woodland Road Water Association private water system

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