The strength and beauty of Tyrone is in its people. You are what makes Tyrone a great place to live and work. You have the dreams and ideas to build the future of our town. The Town Council needs to always be open to hearing the voice of the people. I promise that I will listen.

I want to promote  growth to accommodate new faces, without disrupting the community. The things that we love about our hometown are attracting new neighbors, as well as new businesses. People want to share in what we have, and that’s fantastic. 

I want to maintain our town safety by working with other elected officials and personnel. Our town is ranked one of the safest small towns in Georgia and I want to maintain that fantastic reputation. 

Fiscal responsibility is a must. Tyrone has kept the same millage rate for an incredible 13 years. Even with the building of a much-needed new municipal building (including town hall, police department, and courthouse), the town has kept a tight grip on costs, and this needs to continue. The town’s budget should never grow faster than the town’s economy.

Creative solutions will win for everyone. New sewer service will allow our downtown businesses to serve more customers, and that will mean a need for more parking, and more walkable space. In addition, we need to take care of areas that have fallen into disuse, and find new use for them. Handling these issues without losing our sense of fiscal responsibility will require very creative problem-solving, and ideas driven by the people of the community.